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About Us


Cyndy Drewry

Hello, I’m Cyndy Drewry!

Since moving to Ruston from West Monroe in 1977, I’ve raised 3 wonderful children and held a career in the screen printing industry. It’s been 35 years now!

I love all aspects of the screen printing business and enjoy sharing my passion with people who visit Ruston.

Tech fans, family members, and other visitors stop by to chat with us about all the wonderful attractions our area has to offer.

If you’re in town and looking for something to do, don’t be a stranger. Come visit Cotton Top Print Shop in beautiful, historic, charming, downtown Ruston!

Micheal Drewry started his career as a draftsman for a local blueprinting company. After the company’s closure, he began freelancing as an artist and animator for YouTube and Twitch channels.

Micheal has always been an amazing artist with a wonderful sense of humor–thanks to his dad, Victor Drewry. While Micheal pitches in with design work, his real expertise is personalized art. He uses specialized methods to create beautifully intricate vinyl art pieces!

At home, he’s a gamer and illustrator. But when he hits the road, he explores nature, architecture, and historical locations.


Micheal Drewry


Caylan Dowden

Caylan Dowden would describe himself as: Ageless, with the body and soul of a hyena. But we’re just glad he loves screen printing! 

Caylan has the artists’ passion to see each shirt is hand printed to its best potential. He showed up on the scene in 2012 and has been gleaning his knowledge of the craft ever since. 

We love the experience and attitude he brings to the team! You’ll catch him sipping iced coffee and keeping everyone around him in good spirits. 

When he’s not working, he’s making art and reciting poetry to his wife and cat!


Don Griffin

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